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March 5, 2009

Year end report shows trash hauling in the red

The city of Beulah’s trash service and transfer station are running in the red, and have been for several years, according to City Councilman Herb Dittus, who oversees the department.

The transfer station collected $7,454 from fees in 2008. The city paid $10,689 to the Mercer County Landfill in tipping fees, and paid another $7,700 in hauling costs. That leaves a deficit of $10,935. That doesn’t include the cost of one full-time employee that works at the transfer station. That salary is still carried in the budget of the city garbage pickup.

The garbage collection itself is running $119,277.49 deficit over fees collected. The city collected $173,348.30 in fees in 2008 with costs of $292,625.79. Those costs include wages and benefits, such as insurance and retirement expenses, FICA taxes, workers’ compensation and unemployment taxes. The city is currently studying the problem and contemplating solutions.

"At the transfer station, number one, we’re going to try to collect for stuff that isn’t paid for out there," Dittus said.

Things that are solid waste that shouldn’t be burned, like carpeting and furniture, are sometimes not collected for.

"We’re going to have to do a better job of collecting," Dittus said. "I’m not looking at a fee increase at the transfer station."

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