January 7, 2010

Zap city councilman passes away at home

Zap City Councilman Donald Monger died suddenly at his home on Dec. 30.

Monger had been a member of the Zap City Council for 12 years. Monger put in a lot of time working to improve the city’s buildings and parks, Mayor Terry Barden said. But, he added, it would be nearly impossible to total up all the contributions Monger made to the community.

"Over the years he had a hand in just about every portfolio on the council," Barden said. "He was just finishing up his third term. Anything you asked him to do, he did it. His focus was usually on buildings and grounds and the streets in town. He worked on the heating and air conditioning in our community hall. There were so many other things he did for the community."

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