April 1, 2015

Zap council moves forward with streets

By Chris Erickson

Residents aired some final concerns last week on a proposed infrastructure project in Zap that could stretch home budgets thin.
The project, which would address Zap’s aging city streets and relining the water tower, was forecast to cost about $2.5 million. At the initial informational meeting held last month at Zap City Hall, residents first had a chance to hear the details of the project, which would assess the cost of the project against around 325 lots in the city. The first 75 feet of front footage would be considered one lot, and every 25 feet beyond that would be considered half a lot.
Two projected timetables were given for the repayment of the project, one a 15-year bond, and the other a 20-year bond. At that first meeting the cost of the proposed project as assessed against one unit lot would have been around $650 a year for the 15-year repayment and $500 a year on the 20-year note.
That informational meeting provided the baseline for residents to protest any decision by the city to move forward. At that time it was established that if property owners owning 50 percent of the property within the city protested, the topic would be dropped.

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