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February 4, 2015

Zap eyes New streets project

By Chris Erickson

Zap’s city leadership is moving forward with a project that could pave the way to upgraded streets, although it comes with a relatively heavy price tag.
Mayor Terry Barden said that after years of speaking with council members and residents, he believed the time was right to put a streets project in place. He added that he hoped the public would recognize the need, but the council would be open their concerns at an upcoming public hearing.
“We’ve got some redos on probably three or four streets and the rest of the town’s streets would be resealed,” Barden said. “We’re looking at Unis St., Iowa St. and Dakota St. for the three main ones.”
He noted that the time had come to either redo the streets or make the switch to gravel. According to Barden, the city was close to addressing the issue about 10 years ago and had come close.
“We want to get it done, we just have to find the right way of doing it,” he said. “We think doing a special assessment is the only way to do this.”
Engineer Loren Daede, of Interstate Engineering, said that the project would include all city streets and repainting the inside of the water tower.

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