March 22, 2017

A lesson from the B

By Jarann Johnson

The Class B boys state tournament was full of memorable moments. The two standout memories were buzzer-beaters.
The first buzz-beater of the tournament was when  Brennen Vance, an Ellendale senior, hit a 3-pointer in the opening game against Dickinson Trinity.
Vance’s 3-pointer was exciting because it gave his team a win but it was also a fun sighting because of what it represented.  Vance’s father, Brian, is the head coach for Ellendale, which meant the buzzer-beater gave the duo a great father-son/coach-player moment to cherish.
The second buzzer-beater showed just how close a team can be between losing and winning. Kyle Henningsgard, a Hillsboro/Central Valley senior, had the ball poked out from behind him but somehow recaptured the ball and passed it to a teammate.
After Henningsgard made the pass he drifted to the baseline corner where his teammate found him for an open 3-pointer. The sequence happened at the speed of a standard give and go play.
Henningsgard made the 3-pointer at the buzzer giving his team a 63-60 win.
Many fans were caught up in the excitement of both buzzer-beaters but there was an unusual link the two players had. Both were seniors and neither played exceptionally well during the first three quarters.
Vance was 1 for 10 before making his buzzer-beater and only ended the night with six points.

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