June 29, 2016

Beulah Cyclones Whomp Watford

By Jarann Johnson
The Beulah Cyclones hosted their first home game of the season Saturday afternoon against Watford City. Watford City was clearly overmatched by the Cyclones and fell 20-3 and 16-0 in two West Region counters.
Even though the final score of the first game revealed a blowout, the game started out differently. In fact, Watford City had the lead early on. Josh Remmick got the start at pitcher for Beulah and gave up a one-run single in the first.
One reason Remmick gave up an early run was because the defense was having miscues. Beulah committed two defensive errors during the first inning of play.
Even though Beulah was having struggles, Watford City had the weirdest play of the first inning. The bases were loaded with two outs, then the runner on first decided to head toward second base.
The odd play confused Beulah infielders. During the commotion Beulah catcher Aaron Vallejo wisely decided to throw the ball to first, which allowed Beulah to collect an out to end the inning.
Beulah wanted to get the run back badly in the bottom of the first. John Suter and Alec Battest both made strong contact with the ball but their at-bats ended in deep outfield outs.
Braydon Nelson broke through with a double, giving Beulah their first hit of the game. Devin Sardelli followed by introducing Watford City pitcher Hunter Neather to a poem many clean up hitters have recited – “Bye, bye, ball.”
Sardelli hit a two-run homer, giving Beulah a 2-1 lead at the end of one inning. Remmick and the Beulah defense didn’t struggle in the second, holding Watford City scoreless.
The third inning is when things got ridiculous. Beulah scored 16 runs in the inning, using a two-run homer by Josh Remmick, a 2-run double by Sardelli, and Braydon Nelson recorded four RBIs during the inning.
Beulah also recorded two runs on errors during the inning. Sardelli hit another RBI in the inning and the water valve kept leaking. At the end of the second inning the game was pretty much over with an 18-1 score.
Beulah Head Coach Tyler Schmidt instructed his team not to advance on passed balls or wild pitches and started bunting. Watford City mustered some offensive fire, but it was too late.
Beulah won the game 20-3.
The second game of the doubleheader played out similarly, with Beulah going up big and never looking back. Beulah won the game 16-0.
Beulah Head Coach Tyler Schmidt summed up how the first two weeks of the season have gone.

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