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December 9, 2015

Beulah girls start season

The Beulah girls’ basketball team went 0-3 to start the season last week. The young Miners team was thrown into the fire early to start the year.

Beulah faced off against Shiloh, last year’s Region 5 champs. Shiloh didn’t play their state-known and highly praised Division 1 recruit, Jaye Two Bears, during the game.

Early during the game it looked like Beulah was ready for the test. Beulah hung around and trailed 13-9 after a 3-pointer by starting freshman point guard Erin Walcker.

Walcker scored seven of her team’s fi rst nine points in the game. Walcker’s strong start wasn’t enough to keep Beulah in the game, though.

Shiloh grabbed a 17-9 lead with 1:30 left to play in the opening quarter, then the game started to favor Shiloh. Beulah struggled to keep control of the ball and handle Shiloh’s full-court pressure.

Beulah turned the ball over on five consecutive possessions and, after one period, they trailed 27-9. It was apparent after the fi rst quarter that Beulah’s 2-3 zone was struggling to limit quality outside shots, and the Miner’s offense was struggling to break the press.

The second quarter was another battle for Beulah, and they only produced seven total points. At the end of the first half Beulah trailed 49-16.

The same trends continued in the second half and Shiloh won 74-39. The only bright spot for Beulah was Walcker’s scoring ability.

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