September 13, 2017

Beulah-Hazen XC races at Mandan

By Jarann Johnson

The Beulah-Hazen cross-country team competed at the Mandan Kiwanis meet last weekend. The boys came away with 11th overall in the varsity race and the girls were 3rd overall.
The Beulah-Hazen girls ran at the JV level of the meet. Beulah-Hazen head coach Mary Hoherz said she wanted to run the girls together in the JV 5K because it was the first 5k of the season for some of the older girls and they couldn’t run a 3K or 4K.
“We needed a confidence builder. The thing is we had a couple of girls – they had a 7th/8th-grade race then a JV race, which is a 5k. So there wasn’t a JV 4K or 3K, it was the full 5K and then they had the age group on there like 7th and 8th-grade race.”


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