April 10, 2019

Beulah softball falls short in home opener

By Jarann Johnson
Beulah hosted their first home game of the year last week. All of the early highlight plays came from Velva junior Emma Passa and she led her team to a 13-2 win.
Trinity Doe, a senior, started at pitcher for Beulah. Doe’s first pitch of the season was a strike but her next wouldn’t be. Passa, a junior, hit a homer off Doe. Passa wasn’t done making highlight plays in the first inning.
During the bottom of the first, she made a diving catch in center field, stealing a hit from Beulah senior catcher Phoebe Garman. Beulah fans were a bit anxious after the first inning. Their team trailed 1-0 and needed some positive plays.

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