June 14, 2017

Beulah starts legion ball

By Jarann Johnson

The Beulah Cyclones opened their 2017 summer Legion season on the road last weekend. The team has changed a little bit since last year.
Tyler Schmidt is no longer the head coach. Schmidt is coaching Central Cass this summer and the new head coach is Alec Battest.
Battest expects to keep Schmidt’s preference for aggressive base running going this year.
“As far as aggressiveness on the base paths Schmidty and I see it the same way. If you can steal second base, steal second base. If you can take an extra base here and there, take an extra base. Every 90 feet closer you get, it puts you in a better position to score. I think that we’ll be just as aggressive as last year,” Battest said.
Where Schmidt and Battest differ is using the delayed steal and forced balk to score runs. Battest said he prefers letting batters try batting in runs over taking chances.
“[Schmidt] He really liked to do a forced balk or delayed steal. We squeezed quite a bit [last year]. I Like to let guys swing the bat honestly. Unless it’s a tight game and I feel like we could take advantage of a young pitcher or a poor catcher I’m probably not going to do a forced balk or delayed steal,” Battest said.

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