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May 27, 2020

Beulah VB club team excelling

By Jarann Johnson
Sports are supposed to teach life lessons. And one big sports lesson is to always keep improving. Brian Filibeck and Jessica Hager have joined forces to teach local eighth-grade volleyball players that lesson through a traveling club volleyball team.
Filibeck, Beulah High’s head volleyball coach, and Hager formed a USA volleyball club team named Coal Country Volleyball. They hoped the extra play would increase the skill level of the junior high girls.
“I think Mr. Filibeck is really wanting to build a successful program. I think he knows in order to do that, we have to be exposing the girls to higher competition and upper competition” Hager said.
Getting better means facing the best competition around and constantly playing. Sometimes it’s easy for younger athletes to get bored or fall into bad habits when they don’t face the best competition. Filibeck and Hager wanted to avoid that.

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