January 13, 2016

Beulah wins Region 7 opener

By Jarann Johnson
During the 2014-15 boys’ basketball season Beulah didn’t have any trouble with Mandaree. When the schools met last week for the first time in the 2015-16 season, the final score told a different story than the opening quarter.
Beulah won their Region 7 home opener 77-38, but early on it looked like Mandaree was capable of stealing a game on the road.
Beulah opened the game with a 7-4 lead, but Mandaree senior guard Chance Lone Bear tied the game with a 3-pointer. After Mandaree tied the game, Beulah sophomore guard Derek Ferebee scored five straight points, putting Beulah up 12-7.
Mandaree didn’t let Ferebee’s hot streak end their upset hopes. Instead of packing it in, Mandaree kept battling and drew within one point, 12-11. Beulah didn’t want to disappoint their home fans or fall below the .500 mark for the season and turned on their defensive focus.
Beulah went on a 12-0 run in the final three minutes of the quarter. Beulah’s run pushed them to a 24-11 first-quarter lead.
Beulah didn’t let up and started off the second quarter strongly, too, using a 14-2 run to build a 42-13 lead and gain full control of the game. After building a 29-point lead, Beulah didn’t relent and won by a final score of 77-38.
Mandaree was led by Lone Bear with 16 points. The Beulah offensive attack was keyed by four players over double figures in the game: sophomore forward Logan Miller (10), senior guard John Suter (11), Ferebee (23), senior forward Casey Walcker (23).
Despite the game turning into an easy blowout win, the game did give Beulah some great experience. For Beulah it was a quick reminder -- after the opening four minutes -- how important defensive intensity is.

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