April 17, 2019

Cardinals blow past Beulah

BHG News Service

Washburn ran away with the lead and took Monday’s game against Beulah by more than 10 runs in five innings of play.
The Beulah Miners paid a visit to Washburn Monday night, taking on the Cardinal girls. The Miners struggled to get on base in the first, with three players striking out while swinging. The Cardinals would hit the base at the bottom of the inning and have some better luck, with Caitlin Scheresky and Jenna Retterath each taking a run.
Washburn continued to forge ahead in the second, after once again keeping Beulah from rounding the bases. Gracey Russell, Kaylin Klindtworth, Rose Vogel and Emily Scheresky would each make a run for the Cardinals, pushing the home team into a 6-0 lead.

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