October 23, 2008

Coal Bowl XXIX trophy stays Hazen's way




Both coaches from either side of the city line have said it once if they have said it a hundred times. Whatever season a team is having makes no difference during the Coal Bowl.

This year’s event was no different as two very different, teams, entered a very different field with very different stakes - but the outcome remained the same. For the second straight year, Hazen shut out their rivals 35-0 and now have kept the coveted trophy tucked away in Bison territory for three years running.

But the Bison know what it feels like to not have the outcome go their way. Beulah had a four-year streak of owning the Coal Bowl title before Hazen’s streak and according to Hazen head coach Rick Philion, that is a powerful motivator.

"We’ve had a talented group of athletes the last three or four years and they know what it was like to see the talented group before them go without the win," he said.

It didn’t take long for Hazen’s talent to surface in their first drive. Brent Sorensen punched into the end zone from 6 yards out.

Beulah went three-and-out on their first drive and on their second attempt a fumble put Hazen in good position at the 16-yard line. They couldn’t capitalize as an illegal block in the backfield moved them back to the 26. On fourth down, as Sorensen was getting pushed out of bounds, he let the pigskin fly but Clay Brinkman couldn’t keep the ball in his hands for turnover on downs.

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