April 9, 2009

Gripping the end of an era

After a season of strict dieting and exercise, the Beulah-Hazen Wrestling team feasted on meat loaf, potatoes and, of course, birthday cake last Monday night as they celebrated the season at an awards banquet hosted by the GrandView Steakhouse.

Head coach Shawn Voigt, also celebrating the day of his birth, began the evening playing slide shows created by the families of the senior athletes Ben Maliske, John Eisenbeis and statistician Kassi Eide. Although the season may be over, Maliske and Eisenbeis competed in one final battle: a thumb war competition with Eisenbeis claiming the autographed state poster.

Weather hindered many winter activities, including the wrestling season over the last four months. Voigt reminded everyone how "blessed" the Miner squad was.

"With all the bad weather this year we were fortunate to get to wrestle," Voigt said.

Assistant coach Dave Ripplinger took over the microphone to remind all those present of the wonderful start to the season. He said after looking over the points from the Minot Ryan dual, the Miners never lost but ended up giving up 30 points in open classes.

"We have a pretty good team, just leaves us hoping we can fill some weights like last year," Ripplinger said.

Fast forwarding to the postseason, for the second year in a row Beulah-Hazen qualified eight from the Region 4 Tournament. At State Beulah-Hazen has six wrestlers place, which Voigt added only four other teams placed more individuals. As a team the Miners racked up 62 points for 15th place with four returning State placers coming back next year.

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