August 10, 2016

Hoherz enjoying life as a Marauder athlete

By Jarann Johnson

Beulah High School graduate Tess Hoherz completed her first year of distance running at the University of Mary last spring and is heading back to U-Mary for round two.
Jumping up to the college level of distance running is  different than high school. The distance of cross-country races is longer in college.
College courses are five-kilometer during the regular season and six-kilometers course during the postseason. The increase in distance also means longer and tougher training sessions.
Hoherz said her mileage in high school was near 30 miles a week, with rare long runs. Hoherz said the average week of college running features 40-50 miles with a long run.
The jump in mileage is tough at first, but usually athletes get used to it. Upping weekly mileage is akin to how athletes in the popular team sports -- basketball, football volleyball -- have to get used to playing against bigger, stronger, and faster athletes.
Other than the weekly mileage, Hoherz didn’t see a big difference between the college level and her years in the Beulah-Hazen program. Hoherz described the differences between high school and college.
“It was almost basically the same. We had hard workouts Tuesdays and Thursdays. We lifted afterward on those days, and we always had something after each run”
“So, we had proprioception, which is another workout, or a routine, just stuff like that. Other than that, long runs were new. I really didn’t do long runs [in high school], we tried my senior year but we didn’t go far. Other than that, I think the biggest difference was mileage,” Hoherz said.


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