January 22, 2014

Miners drop two games to ranked teams

By Jarann Johnson
Last week the Miners knew they were in for a tough week. First they played No.3 Beach at home on Monday then they had a dangerous Region 7 road game against Glen Ullin-Hebron and lastly a home game with No. 1 Minot Ryan.
The Miners won the road game with Glen Ullin-Hebron 48-39 but struggled with Beach and Minot Ryan from the start. In the Beach game the Miners ended the first quarter down 19-4 and never caught back up, falling 54-34.
In their game against Minot Ryan the same thing happened but a little worse. The Miners found themselves down 27-5 at the end of the first quarter. From there they never recovered and fell 92-38.  Head coach Mary Hoherz thought her team was intimidated to start the game against Minot Ryan, but felt like once they overcame that they did some good things.
“We started out the game in the first quarter intimidated. We talked about that and we said you’ve got to drive and dish out and be ready for that. But people weren’t putting the ball on the floor. So all the sudden we just were stalling, because of the intimidation factor. When we got past that then we did some alright things,” Hoherz said.
Hoherz added that her team wasn’t the first to struggle against the talented defending state champs and complimented their skills and talked about how tough it is to score on a team that big.

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