June 8, 2016

Miners finish 2nd at state

By Jarann Johnson
The Beulah Miners were favored to win the state championship this season. They were the No.1-seed in the state tournament and were entering their third state tournament in four years.
Even though the Miners were favored and produced a gaudy 27-2 regular season record, they had a drama-filled state tournament. The Miners first game featured a comeback, the second featured 7 errors, and the final game featured a one-run loss.
Opening game
The Miners found themselves facing a familiar team in the first round. The Miners faced off against Lewis and Clark/Parshall, which is a team in the same Legion conference as the Beulah Cyclones.
Josh Remmick got the starting nod for the Miners at pitcher and seemed ready to deliver an easy first-round win. The Miners went up 3-0 in the bottom of the first.
Mikey Morris, sophomore shortstop, hit a two-run triple and Josh Remmick, senior pitcher, followed with a one-run single. Lewis and Clark/Parshall took the simple route of the comeback in the second inning.
Lewis and Clark/Parshall right fielder Garrett Hansen hit a hard grounder to shortstop, which allowed one run to come in and made Beulah’s lead 3-1. Miners’ fans were worried about a little bit of blood, but truly started to worry about finding a clotting agent in the third.
Lewis and Clark/Parshall tied the game up 3-3 in the top of the third and recorded a double-play in the bottom frame. Everything seemed to be going Lewis and Clark/Parshall’s way.
Things kept going Lewis and Clark/Parshall’s way in the fourth inning. Miners’ Head Coach Bob Koch elected to switch pitchers and called on senior Brandon Elton to pitch.
Elton didn’t have a strong start. The Miners’ defense committed one error and Elton hit two batters, which loaded the bases with no out.
Lewis and Clark/Parshall didn’t let the golden chance slip away and added four runs, which gave them the lead, 7-3. Beulah didn’t get anything going in the bottom frame and trailed 7-3 heading into the fifth inning.
Beulah started to battle back in the fifth. The Miners got two batters on base and senior Alec Battest hit a two-run triple, cutting Lewis and Clark/Parshall’s lead to a 7-5 difference. The Miners didn’t stop there and kept coming in the next inning.
Beulah pushed two runs across on a two-run single by John Suter, which tied the game heading into the final frame. Morris, Beulah’s third pitcher in the game, showed poise pitching a scoreless frame.
In the bottom of the seventh the Miners finished off their great escape. The Miners loaded the bases with no outs. Josh Remmick hit a sacrifice fly, which gave the Miners an 8-7 win and berth in the semifinals.

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