October 2, 2013

Miners learn lesson

Sometimes you learn a lesson the hard way. For the Miners it happened last Friday. The Miners came into Friday’s game thinking it was going to be a typical easy win over Turtle Mountain, but only won by 16 points. Popular wisdom’s old saying “nothing is every easy” turned out to be true.
In the first quarter it looked like it was going to be easy. The Miners were up 6-0 after a Kamron Unruh touchdown. Unruh raced 24 yards for a score but Turtle Mountain didn’t stay down long.
The first quarter ended with Turtle Mountain ahead 8-6 after a 1-yard run by Kreston Keplin for a touchdown and two-point rushing conversion by Brandon Rodriguez. The Miners went back to Unruh to recapture the lead. Unruh ran in a 13-yard score putting Beulah ahead 12-8. After the score Casey Walcker added a two-point conversion run, making the score 14-8.
Beulah’s lead held at the half, 14-8. But in the third quarter Turtle Mountain evened the score 14-14 with a 5-yard catch by Stacy Davis. Turtle Mountain didn’t score on the point after attempt leaving the score tied.
Once again the Miners turned to Unruh to stay ahead. This time Unruh ran for a 46-yard score, making the score 20-14. The Miners didn’t score on the point after attempt, leaving Turtle Mountain a chance to tie the game and take the lead.


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