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November 4, 2014

Miners moving on in playoffs

By Jarann Johnson
Last week the Miners played Grafton at home in the first round of the Class AA state play offs. The Miners kept it simple and relied on one old school thought to win the game – keep the other team out of the end zone and you win.
The throwback game plan helped the Miners win 41-6 and make a statement in the first round of the playoffs. The Miners also used their famed rushing attack, running for 305 yards and 4 touchdowns.
On Grafton’s first drive of the game the Miners’ defense didn’t look up to the task of stopping Grafton. Grafton pushed the ball to the 28-yard line and had a great chance to keep the ball moving towards points.
On fourth-and-4 Grafton quarterback Hunter Baldwin spotted Jason Garza past the first-down marker and passed him the ball, but Garza dropped the ball, ending Grafton’s drive.
The Miners’ offense did what everyone in Miner Blue expected and ran the ball six straight times for a touchdown. The last rush of the drive was a 30-yard rush by senior running back Tanner Erickson.
The Miners went for two after the score but failed to convert, leaving their lead at 6-0.  Beulah’s lead would hold for the rest of the first quarter but be threatened in the second quarter.
The reason that the Miners’ lead came under duress was because of a fumble committed by junior running back Matt Krizan that set up Grafton with the ball 10 yards away from the end zone.
Garza made up for his earlier game mishap. The sophomore took a carry from 5 yards out to tie the game 6-6 in the second quarter, but his team’s 2-point attempt on the PAT failed, leaving the score at 6-6.

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