July 9, 2014

Miners still struggling

By Jarann Johnson
Sometimes a team can win with an error or two, and maybe even still win when they commit three errors if they are lucky. But it is very rare that a team wins and commits four or more errors. Last Tuesday the Cyclones learned that lesson by committing six errors in their 13-3 home loss to Bismarck.
The Cyclones gave up one run in the first inning of the game but had a strong chance to tie it early in the bottom frame. Alec Battest was on second base with two outs and Devin Sardelli, batting .435 this season, was up to bat.
Sardelli tried to get the runner home with a hard swing but only managed slight contact with his bat. The catcher caught the ball for a called strike, but Battest reacted to the ting of the bat and headed for third getting caught between the bases.
Battest was in trouble but managed to safely get to third and give Sardelli another chance at tying the game up. Sardelli waited for a good pitch but it never came. A pitch near Sardelli’s knees was ruled a strike for the final out of the inning, leaving the score at 1-0 in favor of Bismarck.
The second inning came and went without any scoring by either team, but the third inning was a big inning for Bismarck. Battest walked the first batter and put the base runner in scoring position with a wild pitch in the next at-bat. Battest retired the second batter with a strikeout, but didn’t get the same result against his third batter.

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