November 6, 2008

Miners survive Titan onslaught to advance

Dickinson Trinity 3, Beulah 0

Trinity 25 25 25

Beulah 20 18 15

During the regular season, Beulah surprised the Titans with a 3-2 topper in Titan territory but the past meant little on Monday during the opening day of the District 14 Tournament.

The emotional match started with less of a bump, set, spike format but instead the team that controlled the blocking would earn the points. And Trinity was winning the tight battle as Miner head coach Kevin Peterson was forced to take two timeouts down 18-12.

"I thought right away we lacked momentum and our body language wasn’t very positive," he said. "We just looked like we were doubting ourselves."

A quick switch of momentum led by Erica Duewel had the Titans taking their first break down two, then a second as Beulah went ahead 19-18 when Trinity couldn’t return a pair of Duewel serves.

The lead was short lived as Trinity did what they do best and rambled off a 7-1 run to win game one 25-20.

A solid block kept the Titans in a three- to four-point cushion to begin the second game. Sometimes the best is less as Hannah Zimmerman showed with her kill to spark a 3-0 run down 19-13. The Miner moved within four points before the Titans pushed for the final five points and took a two game lead.



At the start of the two-day tournament there were six. By Tuesday night there were only four and Beulah was the No. 3 seed, surviving to battle for another match. After taking the District 14 opening night contest with Dickinson Trinity on the chin, the Miners rebounded to crush Glen Ullin-Hebron in the regional qualifying match Tuesday night. They will now face the loser of the District 13 competitors Beach and New England Monday in Hazen for the first round of the Region 7 Tournament.

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