July 13, 2016

Murschel ready for Season 2 at Presentation

By Jarann Johnson

Jaime Murschel, an outside hitter and Beulah High School graduate, will be starting her sophomore year this fall at Presentation College, Aberdeen, S.D. Murschel cracked into the varsity lineup last year as a true freshman and helped her team advance to the second round of their conference tournament.
Murschel said the season went well for Presentation College, which finished with a 14-19 overall record. Four games under .500 is the best record the team has had during this decade and the most wins.
Presentation College switched their college’s athletic philosophy around the turn of the decade. The philosophy switch was a move to be more competitive in intercollegiate sports and saw the school switch from NCAA Division 3 to NAIA.
At the NCAA Division 3 level schools aren’t allowed to give athletic aid, and at the NAIA level schools are allowed to give athletic aid. Even though both levels are similar, the switch was a way for the college to truly move forward.

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