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April 8, 2020

North Star PeeWees end with turnaround

By Jarann Johnson

Hazen-Beulah North Star Pee-Wee head coach Grant Ellingson found himself telling his players to stay positive and keep working hard after losing most of their games during the regular season.
“We preached a message to keep your nose to the grindstone, work hard – the wins will come. You all have the skill and the wins will come,” Ellingson said.
Hazen-Beulah’s Pee-Wees did just that. They kept fighting and their effort was rewarded with a fifth-place showing at the Pee Wee B1 Silver state tournament.
Ellingson’s team didn’t have a strong regular season. They didn’t win any games in league play, going 0-16. But they did pick up a few wins at tournaments throughout the season.
“In league play in North Dakota, we went winless. We had one B1 win in a Bismark tournament, early on in the season. But frankly, that team should not have been B1. They weren’t very good. Then we entered a Devils Lake tournament, which was just a straight B tournament and got a couple of wins,” Ellingson said. “But throughout the regular season, it was tough going. The kids were getting a little frustrated just because we weren’t winning.”

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