March 18, 2015

Parks and Rec host Yoga and St. Patty’s Day

Beer, yoga and running were all key ingredients in Beulah Parks and Recreation’s successful run of events last weekend.  Friday evening, Parks and Rec hosted Yoga on Tap, and Saturday, Parks and Rec hosted a St. Patrick’s Day 5k and Bar Crawl.
All the events were successful and had strong participation with an estimated 170 participants. There were about 40 yoga  participants, 70 5k runners, and 60 bar crawlers. Bridgette Martens, Beulah Parks and Rec director, explained that having  the three events is part of the park district’s efforts to bring different activities to Beulah for people to participate in.
“We are always looking, as a park district, for different things to bring to Beulah,” Martens said before talking about the park district’s St. Patrick’s Day events. “The St. Patrick’s Day event just started out as a race and, last year, we implemented that bar crawl but that was huge this year and all of the bars donated something – like you could go there and you could get a free drink or a half-priced drink.”
One of the highlights of the bar crawl was a poker game Saturday. Bar Crawl participants got a card from each bar they went to, and the crawler with the best hand at 8 p.m. was announced the winner. Neil Schroetlin won with four
of a kind.
The newer event making its fi rst appearance, Yoga on Tap, was an idea Martens said she liked and wanted to host
because she heard of several other areas using the event to introduce yoga to locals who hadn’t tried it.
“I saw that they do it [Yoga on Tap events] in other towns and I thought it would be fun to have here, and then I thought of the Grand View because they have that big room. It’s just something fun to get people to come out and participate in during winter and to show them what yoga is.” Martens said. “I think a lot of people are nervous to come and do it, but as you can see, anybody can do it.”

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