September 30, 2010

Rain, turnovers contribute to Beulah’s loss

Mother Nature must not be a Miner fan.

Immediately following Friday night’s coin flip, the heavens broke. All but approximately three minutes of the West Region football game between Beulah and St. Mary’s was played in a downpour at the Bismarck Community Bowl. The Saints turned an otherwise ugly game into a 30-14 victory as they stay undefeated in the conference.

"It’s kind of the curse of playing an option team," Beulah coach Loy Ham explained. "The one thing you don’t want when playing a good option team is poor weather because typically they are the teams that can grind it out and hang onto the ball."

Last Friday wasn’t the first time this season that the Miners have played in less than ideal conditions. Twice before the blue and gold have been rained on and even once they ran the field during a brief fall snowstorm.

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