April 16, 2014

Stuck inside but still swinging

Stuck inside, stuck inside, stuck inside. Even though Beulah high school golfers have been hearing those dreaded two words for the last few weeks one good thing has come out of this slow fading winter. The Miners have gotten really familiar with their new golf simulator.  
Early during the second semester is when the golf simulator arrived. The Beulah athletic department and Quarterback Club split the cost of the simulator. But once winter sports where over and prep for the spring sports started the simulator got it’s fair share of use – from the middle school to high school golfers.
Head boys golf coach Jeremy Brandt feels like the simulator gives good feedback for learning the game and correcting mistakes. He said it works by using sensors in the strike pad to determine characteristics from a swing and predict where the ball will travel.
“Well, it’s different. The kids get some feedback as far as swing pattern, whether their club face is open or closed. The sensors kind of read the club head after it comes over the strike pad where all the sensors are at and it gives them a reading on their swing path – rather they are out-to-in or in-to-out – if they’ve got their club face open or closed as they come through the ball.”
“Then it also shows them where on the club they’re hitting the ball too. If they’re hitting the sweet spot in the middle of the club, if they’re out on the toe or the heel of the club. It gives them some feedback as far as mechanically –  some of the things they might be doing wrong with their swing. And on the swing path, and then again as their club face comes through on the ball.”
The new simulator is not just  for swinging practice though. There are different modes that they can go on and even two courses that the golfers can play 18 holes on if the want to.


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