July 19, 2017

Three Miners play in Shrine

By Jarann Johnson

Sunday evening at the Alerus Center three Beulah Miners snapped on their pads for one last high school football game. Damian Eslinger, Matt Schnabel, and Reece Hoherz were all selected to play for the 11-man West all-stars in the Shrine Bowl.
The 11-man West all-stars are selected from the best seniors in 3A, 2A, and 1A North Dakota high school football. Their opponents were the 11-man East all-stars, which are selected from the best 11-man seniors in Eastern North Dakota.
Eslinger primarily played on the defensive line during the all-star game, Schnabel suited up as a linebacker and Hoherz hovered around in the secondary. All three  Beulah graduates played together for a few defensive series but couldn’t pull out a win.
The East won the game from behind 20-14. Despite falling, Schnabel said the Shrine Bowl was an outstanding experience.
“It was great getting to know all the guys, getting to see all the Shrine kids and hear what they are all about – being inspired by all of them,” Schnabel said. “It was fun getting to play against a full team of higher level athletes.”
Damian Eslinger was the smallest all-star lineman and said his focus was moving his feet and staying in front of his bigger opponents.


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