January 1, 2009

United by the sport they love


Erin (Nelson) Hancock knows the feeling of the ice at Hazen’s All Season Arena well. She knows the curves of the sideboards, the rough spot she fell down that first day learning to skate, the wet spots where the roof leaks when it’s warm. Even though she has been away for six years, Hancock will always remember the feel of wearing her Novas jersey.

Hancock, along with nine other Novas alumni, reconnected this past weekend as part of the second annual Alumni Christmas Tourney sponsored by the Blue Line Club. For Hancock, she said it was like time had gone in reverse.

"The memories I have playing with the Novas are some of the best times of my life," said the 2002 Hazen graduate.

Nowadays, the married mother of a beautiful 2-year-old girl still gets to lace up playing in the Pikes Peak Women Foundation in Colorado Springs, Colo. Hancock said when her family moved there she immediately went online to find any hockey leagues and saw that the C team was hosting tryouts.

"I went to practice looking for a fun way to skate and get back into shape," Hancock said.

In her first year with the team, Hancock said they travel all over Colorado to play as well as Phoenix, Ariz., for a tournament. Their schedule of two games a week with practice in between reminds Hancock of her days with the Novas.

"It feels like high school, you get to be goofy in the locker room but then I get to come to dirty dishes and giving a toddler a bath. (Hockey) means so much to me that I need to find a way to make it work," she said adding that a friend helps take care of her daughter when both parents are gone often times.

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