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July 12, 2017

Youngster leading Cyclones Baseball

By Jarann Johnson
Alec Battest is the 19-year-old head coach of the Beulah Cyclones. He’s a youngster who loves the game of baseball and has already earned his first head coaching job at the highest level of youth baseball in the state.  
Battest fell in love with baseball because it is a summertime sport and a sport his older cousins played. Over time the methodical pace of the game captured his heart.
“The pace of the game, I’ve always enjoyed it. It’s not up-and-down or back-and-forth – It’s kind of methodical and it’s a thinking man’s game a little bit. I’ve always kind of excelled at it so that probably helped too,” Battest said.
Battest entered college looking for a way to stay involved in sports. Originally he thought he might enjoy a career as a physical therapist but instead he became interested in coaching and teaching. During the fall of his freshman year at Dickinson State Battest enrolled in some education classes.
“So far I think it’s the right choice and I know it’s the easiest way to get into coaching and that’s what I really want to do,” Battest said.


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