April 12, 2017

2017 Ladies Ag Night pairs wine & cheese

By Annette Tait
Table service by “tuxedoed” wait staff, beautiful voices raised in harmony to entertain the diners, and a program filled with wine and cheese pampered attendees at Ladies Ag Night last week. Not just for the ladies these days, the Oliver Soil Conservation District’s annual evening event filled the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center main hall with a near-capacity mixed crowd.
“The big question tonight is: Are you a turophile?” Marissa Leier asked the audience before explaining that a “turophile” is a person who loves cheese, or is a cheese fancier.
Leier, agent-in-training at the Oliver County North Dakota State University Extension Service office, knew her topic inside and out. She grew up on a dairy farm, spent a summer making hard Italian cheeses at a plant in South Dakota, and, as 2012 North Dakota State Dairy Princess, spoke at schools, fairs, banquets, and other events about the nutritional value of cheese and other dairy products.


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