August 12, 2015

20/20 dance party set to light up the night

By Annette Tait
Twenty thousand is a big number that promises big fun when 20/20 brings “20,000 watts/20,000 LED lights” to the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center. The Friday, Aug. 21 event offers music and dancing for all ages from sundown to sunrise, accompanied by a light show that pulses to popular dance music.
“I’m just hoping the event will inject some fun into Center for all age groups, and maybe even open a venue for local talent to come forth and shine,” Center resident and event organizer Zeke Norris said.
The idea for 20/20 took hold when Zeke attended a Katy Perry concert in Fargo.
“She had like a 100-foot tall pyramid light display,” Zeke said, adding it prompted him to think, “How can people have more shows like this locally?”
Zeke went to the Internet to see what he could find out.
“I’m a guy who says a regular person can perform open-heart surgery with Google,” he joked, “so I got to thinking about it. It took about eight or nine months to get to this point.”
Zeke researched light shows that synchronize with music, and learned how to build them.

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