April 30, 2009

A mighty Center came together to fight rising creek

Citizens of Center were a shining example in April when more than 80 volunteers came together to stand up to the rising waters of Square Butte Creek. They showed that it indeed takes a village and for the most part, the village won the battle.

The peaceful Square Butte Creek turned threatening April 13 as temperatures in the 60s caused a fast thaw. Sally Jons, Emergency Disaster Manager/Director for Oliver County, said she checked the creek at 8:30 that morning and decided it was time to act.

Center Mayor Richard Zarr and Lee Husfloen, a homeowner in the threatened area and an Oliver County commissioner, consulted with Jons. She said that because of the condition of the creek west of Center, the warmer weather, and precipitation in the forecast, they decided to get sandbags to an area near the creek that may become flooded.

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