December 23, 2014

AgriBash offers career information, employer access

Center-Stanton High School students got in on the ground level in a new job fair format formerly targeted only to agriculture education students. AgriBash, recently held in the high school gymnasium, allowed all high school students – not just those in the agriculture education classes – to visit with representatives from local equipment and automobile dealers, the North Dakota Implement Dealers Association, the North Dakota Automobile Dealers Association and Bismarck State College.
The event at CSHS was only the second in the state, with the first being held in Grafton in November. The idea was the brainchild of Melinda Martin, a career development manager NDIDA.
“We’d been talking about how we’re all following each other, all recruiting kids, and all trying to do the same thing -- we’re trying to get kids into this industry,” Martin said. “So rather than us coming individually, why don’t we all come at the same time? It had never been done.”
Martin got in touch with a number of agriculture education instructors throughout the state, including CSHS Agriculture Education Instructor and FFA Advisor Nikki Fideldy. The school and the FFA chapter were already looking in that direction, with the thought of bringing in multiple dealers for an Agriculture Career Day.
“Instead of bringing in dealers to just the ag classes, we just hosted one big AgriBash,” Fideldy said. “We have a bunch of dealers here that cover different aspects of agriculture and the industry to give the whole school a chance to mingle with all of them.”

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