August 5, 2015

Ambulance fundraiser

Some come for the food, some come for a chance at flight, and others – mostly the very young and the young at heart – come to get a close-up look at emergency transportation.
The crowd was steady from start to finish during the Oliver County Ambulance squad’s annual fleischkuechle fundraiser last week at the ambulance hall. The rigs were moved out onto the grass on the corner of the lot to make room for buffet tables full of salads and desserts to go with the main edible attraction.
The hands-on attractions were parked outside. The ambulances had plenty of visitors to see what it’s like in the back of a rig at the best possible time – when one isn’t needed for emergency transport.
The main attraction came later in the evening, when Sanford’s AirMed helicopter landed in the civic center parking lot for a show-and-tell session before giving four lucky individuals aerial tours of Center and the nearby countryside. Hunter Jacobson’s and Randy Bittner’s names were drawn from the tickets sold, and each was able to choose another individual to ride along. Hunter chose his brother, Tristan, and Bittner invited his sister, Devon Rosenquist, to join him.
After a safety briefing, the lucky winners were given their rides two at a time. All exited the helicopter with ear-to-ear grins.

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