November 21, 2017

Anderson Motors: Centered on client satisfaction

By Annette Tait
Sometimes, a person’s destiny is evident right from the start. Even as a toddler, Andrew Anderson was drawn to vehicles, often helping his grandfather, Donald Albers, who was a very talented mechanic.
“It runs in the family,” Andrew said with a smile. “My grandpa was a mechanic, and two uncles were in the auto sales industry.”
“You could tell at a young age he was very mechanically inclined,” Andrew’s father, Tracy Anderson, said, recounting a story from when Andrew was three years old. “He’d watch his grandpa work and whatnot. One time Grandpa went into the house and, when he looked outside, Andrew had the jack under the car and was going to jack the car up and take a wheel off.”
Not long after that Andrew got his first motorbike, which he fondly remembers working on with his father.
“Me and my dad did a lot of work on our bikes,” Andrew said. “I got my first bike when I was three -- I still have it.”
By the time he was 10 years old, Andrew was tearing apart engines and doing “top ends” -- removing the engine head and cylinders and replacing the rings and pistons -- on racing bikes by himself.

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