November 25, 2014

Anything is possible with will

By Lee Coleman
The early morning light greeted hunter Carl Monson with a fierce northwest wind, accompanied with snow and moisture off of Lake Sakakawea. It blew directly in his face as he sat quietly in a hunting blind in the southeast corner of Lake Sakakawea State Park.
Looking up, he spotted a pack of does moving from the right to the left about 100 yards out. They moved into a thatch of trees to the left and began milling about. Within moments, it appeared something was chasing the pack and out they came, crossing in front of the blind going to the right.
One doe, two, three and the pack split ever so slightly and there he was. A big buck was chasing the does. Staring directly at Monson’s blind, the big buck didn’t move. Monson sat patiently hoping the buck would turn and give him a broad side shot.
As if on cue, the buck turned and Monson squeezed off one of his four .25-06 shells and the buck dropped where he stood.
“I could see the antlers sticking up out of the snow so I knew he was down,” Monson recalled.
Indeed they were. All 10 points or, as some would say, a nice 5x5 rack.

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