February 19, 2009

Area farmers weathering the long, hard winter

Running a farm in North Dakota is a pretty demanding job as it is. Throw in the worst winter in 10 years and it becomes downright difficult.

Dennis and Cindy Beckman and family run a combination dairy and beef cow operation approximately five miles north of Hannover.

The operation encompasses about 1,500 acres including some rental land, with 40 Holstein dairy cows, 75 Angus and Gelbvieh beef cows including bulls, and keep about 60 "young stock."

They plant grain for feed mainly. Last year Dennis planted 75 acres of corn. The good corn crop translated into two silage piles used for feed. One of which is nearly gone.

"It did well," he said. "I’m going to have to open up that one pretty soon," Dennis said indicating what appeared to be a mound of snow with black circles on it. The circles are tires used to hold down the covering.

Getting water to the cattle hasn’t been a problem even in this year’s extreme temperatures.

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