April 22, 2015

Artist takes notice of nature’s pretty

By Kathy Tandberg
Area artist Linda (Oestreich) Maize has been chosen as featured artist for the 46th Annual Hazen Art Show. It’s an honor for this country girl, who said she is humbled by her selection.
An Oliver County native, Linda was raised in rural Hannover and graduated from Center High School. Her first exposure to painting and art came at a young age by way of a Saturday public television artist series. It left a mark on the child who watched intently as the artist gave instruction.
“I was a young child, maybe 6 or 7, and I loved watching them paint. But I never thought that one day I would be doing it,” Linda said.
By the time Linda began school, horses, 4-H and farm chores had become a natural part of life. Later, when she was given her own horse, she began to explore the beauty of nature that surrounded her. The pictures of it never left her mind.
Still, Linda didn’t pick up an artist’s brush until many years later as an adult. She was busy first obtaining an education to become a teacher.
Later, she married her husband, Kirk Maize, and before long began sharing her love of education as an elementary teacher.
But she never forgot about that artist’s television series and painting. One day, in the 1980s, Linda saw a newspaper advertisement for a weekend art class in Bismarck, taught by a pair of traveling instructors.
“I signed up to take a class from them in oil and later one in watercolors. They taught us all how to paint the same scene, mountain landscapes,” she recalled.
As much as she enjoyed the classes, life had picked up speed for the Maizes, who before long became parents to their son, Allen.
In addition to their regular jobs, the Maizes also began breeding and raising thoroughbred horses, a job that took up much of their spare time. There still wasn’t time for painting.

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