May 20, 2015

At what price freedom?

By Kathy Tandberg
It’s not officially documented, though many well-known men have claimed the quote, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
Regardless of who said it more than 200 years ago, America has been vigilant in its stand for freedom, not only for its own, but for nations around the world.
Ever since America’s Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776, every generation of Americans has been called upon to defend freedom.
Americans have gone to war to win not only their own freedom, but to also define their freedom and defend worldwide interests.
According to the Department of Defense, more than 42 million American men and women have served their country in time of war.
Nearly 2 million have secured the blessings of freedom with the ultimate sacrifice – their lives.
We realize that many smaller conflicts that saw loss of life are not necessarily included in these statistics. This number also doesn’t include the dozens of smaller conflicts in which America’s military has participated and military lives were lost.

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