January 29, 2009

Bad weather causes school board to look at policies

At their first meeting of the new year on Jan. 19, Center-Stanton High School board members confronted a number of tough issues. This winter’s nasty weather is related to many of the problems they faced.

The first issue concerned a group of music students that traveled to Bismarck Jan. 12 for State music auditions with permission from parents. School had been cancelled that day, but a parent and the music director, Lacey Hanson, decided to take five students to the event. Another parent drove separately and one student who lives in Bismarck also went to the auditions. The weather had steadily improved throughout the day.

Center-Stanton School superintendent Royal Lyson explained at the meeting that the school policy is if there’s no school there are no extra-curricular activities that day.

He discussed the matter with Hanson the day after the trip. Lyson said she believed it was necessary to take the students since they have only one chance to audition each year.

Upon further examination of the school policy on Jan. 22, Lyson, Hanson and the personnel committee found no actual written policy stating that extra-curricular activities are cancelled if school is cancelled.

"She didn’t violate any policy," Lyson said. "It was more of an unwritten rule. We’ll correct this at the next school board meeting."

"We’re going to have to decide with a lot of curricular activities if there’s a risk due to the weather," board member Cynthia Berger said at the meeting. "I don’t see that there was enough clarification. We need to decide what is a risk and what isn’t. We have to come to some type of agreement."

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