November 27, 2008

Beating adversity, Thanksgiving Day blessings are 'Thankful'

As families and friends across America gather for this Thanksgiving Day holiday, blessings and thankfulness come to mind. As is often said, sometimes it is the simplest things in life, and often life itself, that seem to so often be taken for granted.

But as someone who knows better recently said, "things happen in life, things that always seem to happen to everyone else. Not you." No one knows better about those "things" than people who have experienced it, people like Tanya Ginther, Dillon Schramm and Carlyle Sailer.

Tanya Ginther

When Tanya Ginther bows her head at the family Thanksgiving Day dinner table, her beating heart will be filled with thankful prayers.

Tanya, 26, is celebrating her first Thanksgiving since beating the odds, surviving a devastating heart attack that nearly took her life last Dec. 21. During those first weeks following, her heart was shocked six times to save her life.

For some time it appeared that Tanya would need a new heart. Miracle of miracles, her heart has improved enough that though she remains a Status 7 at the bottom of the transplant list, she said it is unlikely she will move to a higher urgency.

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