November 30, 2016

Behind-the-scenes for student success

By Kate Johnson

Their jobs could be seen as thankless -- their work is mostly behind the scenes and often misunderstood by those whose lives it hasn’t directly touched. But what they do is integral to overall student success.
School psychologists can be beneficial to every student, not just one specific group of students. Breanne Ternes is the school psychologist for Oliver and Mercer counties. She has been in her position for the last three years, and said this multifaceted job is something she really enjoys doing.
Ternes explained that the task of a school psychologist is essentially problem-solving with parents and teachers for kids to be successful in school.
“We look a lot at academics but we also look at behavior and social skills -- basically anything that is affecting their education,” said Ternes. “We do a lot within the special education department, but also support general education as much as possible.”


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