July 18, 2018

Berger takes unusual path to school board seat

By Jarann Johnson
New Center-Stanton School Board member Cindy Berger took an uncommon path to her seat. On election night she was named the election winner of the Stanton seat on the Secretary of State website. But her confirmation wasn’t announced by the school board for a few weeks.
Center-Stanton Business Manager Jacob Erhardt and Oliver County Auditor Judith Hintz had a miscommunication on the election results. No one ran for the Stanton seat on the ballot and Berger won the election via write-in votes.
Hintz sent Erhardt official election results with all of the write-in votes for the Stanton seat under the scattered vote category since there was no one running on the ballot. Erhardt interpreted this to mean Berger hadn’t won the election.
Hintz thought Erhardt would contact her to review the write-in results, which she had reported to him as scattered votes. Eventually, Berger contacted all parties inquiring about the election and the original results held up.

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