August 30, 2017

BNI brings two projects to school board

By Annette Tait
Minor changes will be needed for the southeast bus route once a two-mile segment of 27th Street SW is temporarily closed for mining purposes. Derrick Placek, BNI Coal, provided the school board with an overview of the road relocation, which will extend from 31st Avenue SW to 29th Street SW to 35th Avenue SW and back to the existing 27th Street SW.
“We are working on permits, easements, and archeological work,” Placek said, noting the permit had been approved by the Oliver County Commission that morning. “We hope to start doing dirt work in September.”
Placek provided a map of the project, with board members discussing options to alter the current bus route to ensure it serves all students in the area. The consensus was that students and their families should be minimally affected by the bus route change, with the new route expected to take only five minutes or so more than the current one.
BNI projects work on the alternative road to be complete in the October/November timeframe, weather permitting. If needed, some finish work may need to be done next spring.


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