December 22, 2015

Board discusses calendar for 2016-2017 school year

By Annette Tait
One of the hottest topics for school boards -- especially since the 2014 proposed legislation to start school after Labor Day -- is the school calendar. Center-Stanton Public Schools Superintendent Curt Pierce presented the board with a draft for the upcoming school year during the board’s December regular meeting.
“We worked on this with the administrative advisory team – a group of five teachers – it hasn’t been reviewed by the entire staff,” Pierce noted, recommending that the board approve start and end dates. “Once that’s done, I’d like to take it to the teachers to discuss additional days off.”
Pierce noted that the recommended start date meshes well with the start of ITV classes.
The board approved starting the 2015-2016 school year Aug. 24, with an end date of May 25, and having teachers recommend other days off, snow days, and days for professional development.
Pierce reported that the district received the state rapid enrollment grant again this year in the amount of $23,720. Enrollment increased from 208 last year to 222, achieving the minimum 4 percent increase and 10 additional students to qualify for the grant. 
Pierce also reported that results of a football classification survey for fall 2017 have been received. At this point, the options are to co-op with Hazen or Washburn, as doing so would not affect either team’s numbers. An inquiry was made with Washburn; Pierce was told Washburn will consider its current co-op agreement with Wing before exploring any possibility of a co-op agreement with CSPS. New Salem/Almont was also discussed; however CSPS’ numbers may be enough to bump NSA from 9-man to 11-man.
Also discussed was the possibility of moving to 6-man football. At present, it appears eight to 14 schools are interested in pursuing that option.
“If we go to 6-man, the field will be 80 by 40. We’d need to move a goal post,” Pierce said. “There may also be 11-man schools that would be interested in dropping their co-ops to play six-man. That’s two years out. They will have to vote next fall.”

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