December 10, 2014

Bountiful Baskets offers wide variety of quality, affordable fresh produce

By Annette Tait
Even during the growing season, baskets overflowing with a dozen different varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables aren’t a common sight in North Dakota. Unless you’re a participant in a Bountiful Baskets cooperative, where participants pool their money to get wholesale prices on quality fresh produce year-round.
“Basic baskets are generally six fruits and six vegetables, with the occasional exception,” Bountiful Baskets Voluntary Site Coordinator Kim Liebold said. “If your site gets really low on numbers, you may go down to 10 or 11 items, but we’ve never had that problem.”
Participants contribute $15 per basket, and are able to order up to three baskets plus add-on items. The selection in the basic basket changes weekly, and generally includes salad greens, seasonal produce, and snacking fruits such as apples and bananas. Participants have the option to upgrade to certified organic produce for an additional $10, and may also order add-ons such as breads, cases of fruits and/or vegetables, specialty packs, coconut or olive oil, granola or other items depending on availability.
“We have a squash and an apple add-on this week, and holiday breads,” Liebold said. “We usually have granola on every week, too.”
The Stanton site is allocated 96 baskets. Once contributions for all of the baskets have been made, no additional contributions are accepted. This ensures that everyone who has contributed for baskets get what they requested. The quantities needed to fill the site’s order for the week is sent out via truck.

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