October 16, 2008

Budget crunch hitting Oliver County books


In a world of competitive times, it seems that Oliver County faces similar issues as other businesses when it comes to keeping good employees with a competitive salary. Clerk of Court/Recorder Kim Wilkens asked Oliver County commissioners to keep that in mind as they are faced with the possibility of losing the Deputy Recorder/Deputy Clerk of Court because of a job offer she has received with higher wages.

"I would rather not train someone new again. We are so busy. If I have to I’m not sure I want to stay either," Wilkins told the commission.

Wilkens added that if in the future she would choose not to run for re-election for her offices, the present deputy is someone who could easily do the job.

"She does a good job, people like her. We’d like to keep a good employee," Wilkens added.

Wilkens said the pay difference still keeps the job under $10 an hour for the employee of just over two years. She presented the commission with wage comparisons from nearby and similar size counties across the state for similar positions in county government to show that the dollar figure she is asking for is similar.

Commissioner Lee Husfloen said he understood, but reminded Wilkens that the county is currently in a budget crunch and the commission does not yet know what is going to happen with that. This wage question is just one of many the commission is reviewing at budget time. (An article on the county budget will be forthcoming later this month.)

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