February 5, 2009

Budgets mindful work for Kreidt during 2009 legislative session

With America’s recent financial woes – corporate bailouts, stock market fluctuations and real estate problems – it’s no surprise that people are looking at their budgets.

Budgeting for the future is a major job for North Dakota legislators as they continue the work of the 61st legislative session. The Legislature holds session every two years and Rep. Gary Kreidt, Dist. 33, New Salem, is in his fourth session.

He was first elected to represent District 33 in 2002, serving Mercer and Oliver counties and portions of Morton County in the House of Representatives.

With Legislature now in the fourth week, Kreidt is mindful of his work as a member of the House Appropriations Committee. This committee takes on the task of reviewing budgets and prioritizing how the state will spend taxpayer dollars. Kreidt said this is a job more difficult than people think.

"(The state) has some money, everybody knows that, but not as much as people think. What’s happening in the nation is starting to trickle down. We’re already seeing that with Bobcat," Kreidt said, referring to the Jan. 22 announcement by Bobcat Co. of an extension in a reduction of workforce.

Kreidt said legislature can’t just legislate for today but needs to look at the future and sustain the state’s on-going needs.

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