November 28, 2018

Buffalo raffle for Oliver emergency responders

By Jarann Johnson
Howard and Diane Bubel decided to give back to the community in a big way. The Bubel family is giving a buffalo to the Oliver County Ambulance and Fire Service that will be raffled off on Sunday at Christkindlemarkt.
Howard Bubel said his family has donated buffalo meat for other fundraisers in the community. But this will be the first time the family has donated a full live buffalo. He said the main reason the family is donating is the key role fire and ambulance services play in the community.
“The ambulance and fire department are critical parts of the community. They need money to operate and upgrade. We just decided that we would do that and see how it goes. We always try to donate to them through the year. This year we decided to see how this would go,” Howard Bubel said.
“The market value on a Buffalo is about $2,500. If it brings that, it would be about $1,250 for each group.”


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